How to achieve a happy and abundant reality


I believe the secret to life in current society is to love yourself and to have confidence in yourself, this seriously should be commonsense but it apparently isn’t.

And when I say love yourself, I don’t mean the narcissistic ego-centric kind of love for yourself, but appreciating and being grateful for being a living, breathing, and conscious being.  To forgive yourself when you make mistakes, to overcome the negative self talk that you give to yourself when you feel like a failure.  Letting yourself know that you are worth something and are here to provide value in some way whether it be seemingly “big” or “small”.

I really do think that if everyone in this world was able to truly love themselves, the world would be a better place.  If you’re able to love yourself, you’ll have gained the capacity to also truly love others.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both sides on the spectrum, from self hatred to unconditional self love.  I can definitely say that life was much more pleasant when I was able to unconditionally love myself.  During the time I had that mindset, I was at the top of my game in manifesting everything and anything I desired.  It was unbelievable….. Like, I almost couldn’t believe it at first.  It was so easy too!!! I don’t care what anybody says but  from my experience your thoughts really do create your reality.  It all started with changing how I was inside, my mindset!  And that in turn created outward ripples that affected me externally (my physical environment)! I made the most progress in terms of achieving the goals I had set for myself at that time.  I was manifesting things left and right.  I felt like I had a limitless amount of courage, drive, motivation and confidence.  I felt invincible. I was also the most confident, nicest and most positive person I and also many other people I had come in contact with, had ever met. IT WAS ALL SO FUCKING COOL, I TELL YOU. IT WAS PURE BLISS!!

Sometime between that and now, I started spiraling downwards again.. I’m not quite sure what exactly set it off initially… Now that I think about it, I actually have a feeling it may be because I felt guilty about having done something.  But what I did realize just today after listening to Audio 6 of the Abundance Paradigm, the root cause of most of my sadness and depression from the past year or so…. Was that I started to slowly hate myself…. And that in turn, transformed me into a more pessimistic and condescending person.  I know that when I start looking for flaws in other people or just blatantly look down upon others and judge their life decisions,  I was actually just projecting my own insecurities and hate towards myself in a subconscious manner.  To put it in others words, I subconsciously saw my failures and mistakes in other people and that made me hate/judge them.  Which actually translates to me hating and causing harm to myself mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

I know when I’m feeling judgmental and condescending, I’m feeling insecure. And I know that when I’m feeling insecure, I’m not feeling confident in myself.  And I know that when I’m not feeling confident in myself, I’m hating and putting myself down.

And you know what the cure is for all of that pessimism and self hatred?

DING DING DING! It is a shift in perspective! A change in your mindset.To be more optimistic and to love yourself!

Love yourself as a work in progress, let yourself know that you love yourself but there is always room for improvement!
Life is all about learning new things and having wonderful experiences!

I believe with that shift in mindset, it would make life much more pleasant along with accomplishing things much more easy!
With all that love and confidence you have in yourself, you’ll have the courage, drive and motivation to pursue whatever you wished!
What more could you ask for in life?

I realized all of this just now.  I have experienced being the happiest I could be and accomplishing all the things I wanted before but I was just doing it and I didn’t know why things worked out for me so well.

I think for me to experience hell once more was a much needed experience and lesson for me to wholesomely learn how important it is to love myself.

I wanted to share my insight/revelation/catharsis of sorts on the blog in hopes that it will probably shed some light on some problems a reader might be having!

I want to give a warm thanks and lots of love to my boyfriend Mike.  IF YOU’RE READING THIS MIKE, I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL THE LOTS AND AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PRESENCE, INSPIRATION, CARE, PATIENCE AND LOVE IN MY LIFE.  I had been feeling down this evening and he sensed it and wanted to comfort me.  His hug while I was in the kitchen washing the dishes with frustration and sadness triggered me to cry (I rarely cry) and really take some thought into evaluating why I’ve been feeling so sad and down.  I found myself opening up to him about my feelings and thoughts from the past few days and within all of that I partially figured out what I was doing wrong in life.  I figured out that I felt disappointed in myself and saw my failures in other people.  Afterwards I sat myself down and decided to read because I really do feel that the answers to some of life’s questions are found in books.  Then I remembered that the last free day for the Money Mindfest was today and the topic covered “Eliminating Limiting Beliefs About Money” (kinda off topic but not really).  Recognizing that I do have some mental blocks and limiting beliefs about money I decided to give it a listen.  Around 20 minutes in he says that to be in a place of abundance you must come from love.  And the first thing you gotta learn to do if you haven’t already, is to love yourself. And then all the puzzle pieces for me connected.  And it all just really hit me………………….. And now I know what I must do to get to that blissful and abundant mindset I had over a year ago.

Learning how to truly love yourself will rid you of all your insecurities, jealousies, hatred, pessimism, etc.
All of those negative feelings that just make you feel like absolute, pardon my french, shit.

So in conclusion, to achieve a blissful mindset and create an abundant reality, you must TRULY LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.
Everything, I promise you, everything will fall into place after that.
Life will be much more joyful and you will feel completely invincible once you learn how to forgive, be kind and love yourself.

Damn, such a simple solution to such a huge problem amongst many people these days.  Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it?

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