Early Rising – Week 4

I’m not sure if it was the “what the hell” effect that kicked in because this was my last week for the trial or what but I slept in 3 days of the 7 days out of this week.  But not to worry, I didn’t let that get to me, I added an extra day to this trial and woke up at 5:57AM!  I sat down last night and started to read the book “Habit Stacking: 96 Small Life Changes that Take 5 Minutes or Less” by S.J. Scott, and he said to never ever miss 2 days in a row of your habit because that will REALLY screw with your willpower.  I can attest to that!!!!!!!!  It is very dangerous to miss 2 days in a row because then the WHAT THE HELL EFFECT will really get to you, “Oh what the hell, I missed 2 days, it’s okay if I missed one more.” *A week passes by and you haven’t started up that habit you were trying to develop* *A month passes by and you still have not got back onto it* And well, you get that point.  The fact that I’ve been held accountable by making myself blog everyday about this is what kept me going.  To be very honest with all of you had I not been held accountable through blogging, I think I would’ve already quit by week 2.  So, I’M VERY GLAD that I tried my best to keep up with it.  I didn’t end up regularly waking up before 6AM this week like I wanted, but that’s okay.  Maybe it’s suppose to take me more than 4 weeks to wean myself down to regularly waking up at 5:30AM or maybe it’s because I wasn’t as disciplined as I could’ve been.  Either way I’m glad I did this 30 day trial, I’ve learned a LOT about myself and general habit building that I shall implement into the next habits and goals I’m trying to build.

You don’t always get everything perfectly the first time around and I’m beginning to accept that.  I used to be afraid to try new things out and take risks because I was just so damned afraid that I wasn’t going to be good at it right away.  But that was totally unrealistic, it’s normal and completely OKAY to not get things down correctly right away.  There’s a thing called practice, and that’s what you do to get better and improve.  I’ve always self-identified as a fast learner so I would put myself down and quit if I didn’t get how to do something right away.  BUT I’M A CHANGED SOULLLLL!  If this was me a couple months ago, I would have felt really down on myself and consider this 30 day trial as a failure because I didn’t get myself to wake up regularly at 5:30AM everyday, but I’ve recently been redefining what failure meant to me.  I would like to give major credit to Sean Wes’ podcast “Failure Does Not Exist” along with Scott Adams’ book, “How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big” for helping me change my perspective on what failure meant.  I HIGHLY recommend giving those a listen or read.  Failure isn’t bad, quitting is bad. Failing just means that you have just found a way of how NOT to do something.  As long as you learn from it, it is OKAY!!!!!!  Don’t be down on yourself.  KEEP ON PERSISTING AND DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!

Day 22
I kicked week 4 with a BANG but to be completely honest it was out of necessity.  I woke up at 5:12AM because we needed to leave the house by 6AM to catch the boat in Ventura for the Channel Islands for Mike’s birthday!

Bedtime: around 11:00PM
Wake up time: 5:12AM

N/A dont remember

Day 23
My body was absolutely sore from yesterday’s 8 mile hike so I gave myself permission to sleep in until 8:00AM today.  I think it was a good decision because I was going to Pole Fitness in the morning at 9:45AM and needed as much energy as possible!

Bedtime: 11:14AM
Wake up time: 8:00AM

1. 10:00PM 200mg – 5-HTP
2. 10:00PM 400mg – Magnesium
3. 10:00PM 5mg – Melatonin gummies

Things I shall improve:
1) Getting into bed earlier

Things I feel good about:
1) Despite being sore and hiking 8 miles the day before I still got up and went to pole fitness, NO EXCUSES BABY
2) I’ve been having intense workout sessions for 4 consecutive days

Day 24
I’m very proud of myself today!  I woke up with ease at 6:14 this morning.  One thing I should have done is to refrain from being distracted and finish up my early rising and Channel Island Posts first thing instead of getting myself distracted.  But I still do feel really good at waking at 6:14 this morning. I’m getting there! This Monday is off to such a great start.

Bedtime: 12:38AM
Wake up time: 6:14AM

1) 8:00AM – 400mg Magnesium
2) 8:30AM – 1000mg Green Tea Extract
3) 5:00PM – Green Tea
4)6:00PM – 200mg 5-HTP

Things I shall improve:
1) Once again, sleeping earlier. Although I woke up really early today despite sleeping past midnight, I would like to get more hours of sleep so that I don’t have to nap in the daytime
2) Wake up at 6:00AM or earlier tomorrow morning

Things I feel good about:
1) Waking up at 6:14AM
2) Getting caught up with my early rising posts
3) My healthy and limber body

Day 25
I stayed up quite late last night trying to finish up my blog post.  I really shouldn’t blame it on that though because if I wasn’t so distracted I would’ve finished the blog post a lot quicker.  I will have to do better tomorrow morning.  I’m not sure why but my acid reflux has been worse these past couple of days, I’m going to have to figure out why that is.  I need to quit drinking coffee and espresso.

Bedtime: 1:00AM
Wake up time: 7:52AM

1) 7:00AM – 1000mg Green Tea Extract
2) 7:00AM – 100mg 5-HTP
3) 3:00PM – 1 shot of espresso

Things I shall improve:

Things I feel good about:
1) A boyfriend that wakes me up in the morning when I sleep in

Day 26
I got into bed at around 10:00PM and went to bed at around 11:00PM BUT THE THING IS, I FELL ASLEEP AND FORGOT TO TURN ON MY ALARM!!! I woke up in a panic and asked my boyfriend what time it was….. To my disappoint it was 7:40AM!! I was in bed reading and finished my new favorite book #GIRLBOSS  and I guess I fell asleep and forgot to set my alarm.  At least now I know…… To remember to set alarm…… And maybe not read in bed.  I think this is the first time in this 30 day trial that I forgot to set my alarm! Oh poppycakes, there’s a first time for everything!  I’m going to make an effort once again today to get into bed really early and wake up really early. COME ON DAN TAM YOU CAN DO THIS. I GOT 4 DAYS TO PROVE TO MYSELF.

Bedtime: 11:00PM
Wake up time: 7:40AM

1) 9:30AM – Small cup of coffee
2) 7:00AM – 1000mg – Green Tea Extract
3) 10:00PM – 200mg – 5-HTP
4) 10:00PM – 400mg – Magnesium

Things I shall improve:
1) Have myself sleep by 10:30PM
2) Wake up before 6:00AM
3) Don’t check my email or social media until I’m done with my blog post and other important/productive tasks

Things I feel good about:
1) Mike rustling around this morning which roused me to wake up
2) Writing my blog post first thing in the morning
3) Making my super special banana and blueberry smoothie with maca root, spirulina, chaga mushroom powder and bee pollen

Day 27
WELL, I woke at 6:34AM today! It’s not bad considering I’ve been waking up past 7 the past couple of days…. I got into bed at around 10:00PM but then I started to browse the internet in bed and decided to go all out and exercise too so I didn’t actually sleep until 11:00PM.  My sleep quality wasn’t so great though. I’m wondering if it’s exercising literally right before bed? I also lessened my dose of 5-HTP so I’m wondering if that had anything to do with it either.  Either way, I’m happy I got myself out of bed before 7AM.  The temptation to sleep in was definitely there, but I had to overcome it!  I’m proud of myself for not wanting drink coffee.

Bedtime: 11:00PM
Wake up time: 6:34AM

1) 9:30AM – 1000mg of Green Tea Extract
2) 10:00AM – A few sips from my leftover Jasmine Green Tea drink from 85 degrees
3) 10:20PM – 100mg of 5-HTP
4) 10:20PM – 400mg of Magnesium

Things I shall improve:
1) Waking up before 6:00AM tomorrow morning
2) Get to sleep by 10:00PM
3) Come on Dan-Tam you got 3 more days! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! GET TO WAKING UP AT 5:30AM!!!

Things I feel good about:
1) Waking up before 7:00AM
2) Writing up this blog post
3) Selling my first item on craigslist last night for above craigslist market rate, the taste of first blood….. cash being handed to me for such little effort, that gave me an adrenaline rush!  I want to sell more things on craigslist.  I have an idea, I’m going to help other people sell big ticket items on craigslist for a cut of it, so basically being a broker or agent of sorts for people who suck at making craigslist ads.  I will take photos, write an awesome description and if need be make a video for it too!
4) Not checking my social media or email first thing in the morning, it feels so damn good. I’m back on facebook though, finished up the 30 days of no facebook

Day 28
Well, I woke up at 6:17AM today! HURRRRRRRAH! That’s closer to 6AM! I slept quite late though, maybe at midnight, sometime in the late 11:00PM.  Sleep quality didn’t feel so great today. I was woken up several times throughout the night because Mike wasn’t able to sleep.  I was also apparently sleep talking too except I remember it happening but I was less than conscious.  I don’t remember what I was saying but I remember feeling frustrated because I couldn’t explain to Mike what I was trying to say.  I think it’s amusing to have a partner that sleeps talk.

I was being bad today and was browsing on the internet for the past 45 minutes looking at cute drawings on deviantart. I’m working on my Kawaii Dickbutt drawing so I’m doing my ~research~ and trying to figure out how to best draw the kawaii eyes.  I think that’s the most important part here.  But alas, I must remember to finish the important things first like, writing up this blog post before I do anything else.

Bedtime: 12:00AM
Wake up time: 6:17AM

1. 8:00AM – Banana & Blueberry smoothie with maca root powder, chaga mushroom powder, spirulina, and bee pollen
2. 11:00AM – Vietnamese Iced Coffee (I really must stop with this coffee drinking shenanigans)
3. 11:00PM – 400mg of Magnesium
4. 11:00PM – 100mg of 5-HTP

Things I shall improve:
1. Well, I got into bed at around 11:00PM but I just stayed up quite late reading my horoscope and debating on facebook, I need to get into bed by 10:00PM today
2. Waking up earlier once again, let’s aim for 6AM tomorrow morning (or earlier if possible)
3. Finishing up my blog first thing in the morning

Things I feel good about:
1. Waking up at 6:17AM this morning, FUCK YEAH
2. Going to finish up my kawaii dickbutt drawing and post it up on redbubble
3. Having a couple craigslist items to take pictures of and sell for people
4. Getting paid to transcribe this awesome podcast about ASMR that Smarternootropics did yesterday, I’m really excited to give it a listen, fuck yeah.

Day 29 & Day 30
I don’t know what happened but these last 2 days of the 30 day trial I woke up late at either 7:30 or 8:00.  I’m not sure if it’s the “what the hell” effect that kicked in or what.  I slept late these 2 days (at around 1:00AM or later) because I was eating eating out on day 29 with friends I haven’t seen in awhile and then on day 30 I went up to LA with Mike and Alice to go to the Style Life Academy cocktail party.  But I can’t let it disappoint me, life happens! And I shouldn’t let it discourage me if I miss a day or two.  That’s the most important thing that I’ve learned on this 30 day experiment of early rising.

Day 31
I really wanted to end this trial on a good note so I wanted to add an extra day to let myself get back in the groove of waking up earlier.  I’m so glad I did because I broke a new record (minus the time I woke up for the Channel Islands at 5:12AM, it was an absolute necessity to wake up at that time)! I woke up at 5:57AM today!!! FEEEEELS GOOOOOOD MAN!  I’m not sure why but I feel like waking up late 2 days in a row made me feel like I woke up late far more than that.  I’m not sure if it’s because I focused more on myself not achieving the goals I had set for myself or what but that’s how it felt like to me.  I felt like I slacked off more than I did but when look back at my logs previously, I have actually been very good at waking up early this week.  Well, pretty good, I woke up late 3 out of the 7 days this week.  So more than half of the time I woke up early.  Well I guess I did slack off a bit but it wasn’t as bad as how I felt.  I felt like I woke up really late every day.  I didn’t get to my goal of waking up before 6AM regularly, but I did make a good impression this morning by waking up at 5:57AM.

Bedtime: 11:03PM
Wake up time: 5:57AM

1) 5:00PM – 7:00PM – 2 small cups of coffee with a lot of milk
2) 10:30PM – 400mg of Magnesium
3) 10:30PM – 200mg of 5-HTP

Things I shall improve:
1) Working on blogging first instead of getting sidetracked on the many other websites on the internet. It’s scary, one thing led to another.
2) Sleeping by 10:30PM (I got into bed at 10:45PM last night but I was on my phone for 15 minutes before I actually decided to sleep)

Things I feel good about:
1) Waking up before 6AM and giving myself a good impression on the way I ended this challenge!
2) Listening to Tove  Lo’s song: Habits (Stay High)
3) Walking outside to take a beautiful picture of what the sky looked like early in the morning (I wish I took it earlier when I woke up right away)
4) Being awake when most people are still asleep

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