Early Rising – Week 2

Conclusion: 6:30AM now feels like my baseline standard for normal wake up time. I am HAPPY I got that down. Within this week I have only broken past the 6AM threshold once and that was during Day 8.  I discovered that Green Tea Extract helped our bodies better absorb 5-HTP and also helps us use fat as our energy source when we are exercising if we take GTE consistently.  Studies also showed that it helped increase our exercise endurance, I wrote about it in more detail on my Day 10 entry.  Near the ending of this week I stopped taking too much supplements and have not really paid much attention to my sleep graphs.  I’ve instead just been using the Sleep Cycle app to help rouse me awake during the supposed “optimal” times, I also really like how it gently wakes me up with the slowly rising volume of the alarm instead of a straight up 100% loud alarm.  Week 3 I’m setting it as my goal to make 6:00AM my baseline standard for wake up time.  Week 4 will be when I make it my goal to make 5:30AM be my baseline for normal wake up time.

Day 8

WELL WELL WELL!!!! Look who’s already up? I woke up at 6AM today!!! Well 5:59AM to be specific!! WOOOT!! I just broke the threshold of 6AM!!! Slowly but surely…
Mike was getting a migraine yesterday so we decided to get a hotel to sleep in for a change of scenery! Since he was associating not being able to sleep and negative energy with our bedroom at the moment. I don’t mind though, I love sleeping at hotels (for the most part), the feeling of fresh pillows and sheets are one of my favorites!
I actually wasn’t thinking about waking up when my alarm came on because I felt really tired at first.  But I had to text my friend to remind them something and then decided to check instagram which then, really woke me up. So I just decided to brush my teeth and wash up and stay up! I’m so very proud of myself!!

: 11:50PM
Wake Up Time: 5:59AM

1. 11:45AM – double shot of espresso
2. 10:00AM – 200mg Magnesium & 100mg 5-HTP
Things I would like to improve:
1. Getting to bed earlier, again by 10:30
2. Taking supplements earlier
3. Cut down and rid myself of taking espresso shots
Things I feel good about today:
1. The fact that I’m awake so early and have passed the threshold into 5AM!!! I am absolutely excited about this!
2. Happy that I proved to myself that I would wake up early despite sleeping in so late yesterday. I’m so happy I didn’t let the “what the hell effect” take over me when I had missed one day of early rising!
3. To be alive
Update: I stayed up til around 7:00 or 7:30, ate an apple and sat in the lobby of the hotel.  Once I got back to the hotel though, it was really dark so I got sleepy and went to bed once again for 2 hours. Nooooo. I also had another 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  I don’t know why I’m so sleep today. I didn’t drink any caffeine though so that might be it.  My body is also probably catching up on sleep.  I didn’t drink my normal banana spirulina, maca root, reishi mushroom powder, and bee pollen shake that I’ve been drinking the past week every morning.  That might be it too.


photo (1)

Day 9
Wow I totally slacked off today. I woke up at 7:20AM this morning and then was browsing around the internet for almost an hour.  A had a glass or 3 of wine last night before bed.  The warm buzz from the alcohol felt very nice but I think that really didn’t help me wake up this morning.  I think the fact that I slept quite late (12:21AM) was also another reason why it was so hard to get up.  I’m not going to beat myself up though. 7:20AM is not that bad but I gotta get back on track and wake up earlier! You got this, girl!Wake up time: 7:20AM
Bedtime: 12:21AMSupplements:
1. 11:00PM – 200mg Magnesium
2. 11:00PM – 100mg 5-HTP
3. 2-3 glasses of red wineThings I would like to improve:
1. Build my bedtime back to 10:30PM
2. Focus, remember not to browse on the internet until I’m finished with my postThings I feel good about:
1. Waking up at 7:20AM which isn’t TOO late for the time I slept at last night.
2. Beginning my first pole fitness class today
3. Listening to the song You Know What by N.E.R.D.

photo 2

Day 10

SUCCESS!! I woke up at 6:19AM and I am quite sure I’m not going to go back to sleep.  Slowly but, SURELY!!! I had dreams of doing a lot of amazing things because I have so much time now that I’m awake so early.  I didn’t wake up automatically, it took a bit of an effort but I’m not feeling super tired or anything.  I’ll be writing up my post on my first day of pole fitness class and be editing the video for it! I’m so happy! Everything is going as planned. Before I would tell myself that I never had time to edit because of how “busy” I am, but that excuse won’t work anymore!  My goal is to try something new, edit at least 1 video and write up a blog post a week and that’s not even ambitious!

I read the other day that EGCG ( I couldn’t find that compound alone at CVS so I bought Green Tea Extract instead which should have EGCG along with other antioxidants) helps our bodies break down 5-HTP making our bodies absorb it better.  I was afraid that taking Green Tea Extract would keep me awake at night so I took my supplements at around 4:30PM today.  I don’t know if it was the Green Tea Extract or what but I did feel more energized and focus during badminton yesterday.  I just found another benefit to ingesting green tea extract (or drinking green tea), this only works if you drink green tea (around 4 cups of tea a day) consistently  everyday but it apparently boosts exercise endurance by 8-24% by using the fat in your body as energy. The article talks about the details of the research they’ve done in Tokyo with mice that was supplemented Green Tea extract with a standard diet and how much longer they were able to swim after 10 weeks of the supplemented diet.  It was a reallllly interesting read and I would definitely recommend, I learned so much just reading that one article.  Here’s the link to the Science Daily article: Green Tea Extract Boosts Exercise Endurance 8 – 24%, Utilizing Fat as Energy Source.  YESSS, I would love to be able to exercise longer!  I’m going to try to drink the actual green tea instead of the supplement though once I finish up the bottle that I have and see if I notice better improvement. I’m currently using the brand from CVS: Radiance Platinum: Green Tea 500mg Polyphenols.

Wake up time: 6:19AM
Bedtime: 11:12PM

1. 200mg of Magnesium – 4:30PM
2. 100mg of 5-HTP – 4:30PM
3. 500mg of Green Tea Extract – 4:30PM
4. Sea cream black coffee w/ extra shot of espresso – 2:30PM

Things I’d like to improve:
1. Wake up at 6:00AM and not go back to sleep
2. Get to bed by 10:30PM

Things I feel good about:
1. Writing this detailed post for today and learning so much about the benefits of Green Tea Extract
2. Reading the whole article, Extract Boosts Exercise Endurance 8 – 24%, Utilizing Fat as Energy Source and learning so much
3. Waking up at 6:19AM, WOOOOHOOOO!photo 1

Day 11

I’m going to keep this short. I stayed up late last night til around 11:30PM finishing on editing the video for my First day of pole fitness class! I didn’t want to half ass the edit so I spent longer than usual to make everything nice!  After that I went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep til 12:30AM or so…. I don’t know why I had such difficulty falling asleep!  I woke up late today, really late. Like 8:40AM late. Taking away my freebie 2 out of the 4.  Nooooooooo. It’s okay, I’ll do better tomorrow.  At least I got in 8 hours of sleep.

Wake up time: 8:40AM 
: 12:30AM

1. 12:30PM – 1 shot of espresso

Things I’d like to improve:
1.  If I have any videos or posts to edit, I must do them all when I wake up in the morning instead of the evening
2.  Get into bed at 10:30PM
3. Wake up at 6:00AM

Things I feel good about:
1. I don’t feel tired
2. Feeling productive right when I wake up and writing up this post
3. Writing these posts every single morning, I haven’t skipped a day yet *knock on wood*

Day 12

I woke up at 6:30AM today, it was hard to get up. The alarm initially went off at 5:40AM and when it did I was pretty much ready to wake up but then I decided to go
back to sleep. DAMN IT. I wish I stayed up! Next time, next time! I shall just do it next time!

Wake up time: 6:30AM

1. 1:00PM – White Rose Cream tea  (I’m trying not to drink a shot of espresso everyday so I drank this instead)
2. 7:00PM – 400mg of Magnesium

Things I’d like to improve:
1. I wasn’t as disciplined and checked my social media first thing today , so none of that, same with email
2. Sleep by 10:30PM I got into bed by 10:45PM last night but didn’t fall asleep until like 11:15PM or so

Things I feel good about:
1. The awesome video game music I’m listening to at the moment, like this one: To the Moon – Main Theme
2. Getting myself to get out of bed despite my feelings of wanting to stay in longer

Day 13

I woke up at 6:30AM today once again.  Went to bed at around 11:30PM but couldn’t really fall asleep until 12:00AM. I had a vietnamese coffee earlier in the day, just sipping it every now and then.  Only getting through a quarter of the drink but I swear viet coffee is the legal form of crack, I instantly feel a buzz once it hits my mouth.  I don’t drink it too often though because coffee is acidic and it doesn’t help with the acid reflux that I have.  Drinking a lot of things that are at a low pH level aren’t good for you in general.  But anywho, we went to eat some tempura ice cream and snacked on salmon sashimi along with 3.5 shots of sake before watching the movie 22 Jump Street at the theater (AN AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS MOVIE BTW).  I felt a bit sick at first with those 3.5 shots under 20 minutes…..And I was thinking it was a bad idea…. but in the end it just made me feel more unhindered to laugh my ass off during the movie. Getting back onto topic, my sleep quality didn’t feel that great today. I think it must be the alcohol in my system, I’ve noticed it does that to me.  Duly noted.

Bedtime: 11:30PM
Wake up time: 6:30AM

1. 9:00AM – Afternoon – Sipping on vietnamese coffee
2. 2:00PM – 500mg of Green Tea Extract

Things I’d like to improve:
3. Take magnesium and 5-HTP in the evening
4. Make sure to write blog post first and THEN read other people’s blogs

Things I feel good about:
1. Being up at 6:30AM once again despite feeling tired, DRINKING WATER HELPS WAKE YOU UP
2. Tomorrow is Anime Expo!!! I shall work on my cosplay today and film the process!
3. Reading World of Wanderlust’ interview of Sjana Earp (I absolutely adore this beautiful soul)


Day 14

I stayed up a bit late working on my cosplay for Hotline Miami, I went to bed at around 11:30PM which isn’t TOO late.  I had a difficult time waking up at 6AM today though.  So I woke up at 6:45AM instead.  I’ve been fucking around on the internet for almost an hour until I got to actually doing my blogpost.  I am very very happy with my Hotline Miami Cosplay! I recorded myself making the cosplay and will be editing a video tutorial soon!  I am veryyyyy excited for that! I had so much fun because the cosplay is quite simple so I spent my sweet time perfecting every detail.  I am very happy I didn’t half ass it.

Bedtime: 11:30PM
Wake up time: 6:45AM

1. 10:00PM – Melatonin gummies
2. 7:00PM – 11:00PM – Green tea (yeah I know I broke my rule of not drinking tea after 4PM but I wanted something to sip on while I was making my cosplay)

Things I’d like to improve:
1. Commmmme on, gotta get back on track with waking up earlier!!

Things I feel good about:
1. Heading over to Anime Expo today
2. Cosplaying as “Jacket” from Hotline Miami
3. The Hotline Miami OST on repeat

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