Hiking to the M*A*S*H* site in Malibu Creek State Park

We went drove up to Malibu Creek State Park the afternoon of July 26, 2014!  We decided to take PCH over and that was not the best decision we made, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour.  So if you plan on doing this hike over the weekend, don’t take PCH over, trust.

We were a bit lost as to where we should park because there were multiple parking lots and entrances for the park.  We decided to go over to the Visitor Center and ask them for directions.

Obligatory handstands at the visitor center.


We eventually found out where to park and headed over to the parking lot, it was $10 to park so be sure to bring some cash!

In the very beginning of the hike, we found people swimming in the rock pools!! I am definitely going to bring my bathing suit next time!  There is a place called Century Lake that seemed like a popular spot to go for a lot of people.  I am DEFINITELY hitting that place up next time we go to MCSP!  I heard a lot of laughing and splashing from afar so it MUST be fun!


“A cute kid I found whilst on our hike! He was so stoked when he found that horse mask, he didn’t want to take it off!”

Also, next time I go hiking, I’m going to plan to go a lot earlier, preferably early in the morning maybe at 6AM or 7AM!  That would be the perfect time, especially during the summer.  The heat has been kind of ridiculous here in California and I’m not the type of person that finds it the most enjoyable to go hiking in heat!  I find myself not being as “present” as I’d like to be.  All I thought about was getting to the destination and that’s no fun, it’s the journey that usually makes it fun!!



reIMG_1085“This was a nice view….. The moutains were quite majestic.  And I learned that sometimes the candid photos are the best photos… Here’s one of me fixing my hair!”

“You see that look I’m giving Mike? Yeah, that creepy starry eyed look is how you know when a person loves someone or at least realllly likes them. LOL!”


The hike over to the M*A*S*H* site was just about 3.5 miles!  It was quite worth it!  The second half of the hike was the most beautiful, we crossed this bridge that had such beautiful trees hanging over it.

reIMG_1120“Obligatory headstand in a beautiful place, of course.”

reIMG_1124“The second half of the hike had much more greenery!  I loooove greeenery!”

“Alas, we made it over to the M*A*S*H* site!  MAJOR PHOTO OP TIME~! OH HAI MIKE.”

“This was another one of the abandoned cars left at the site! It’s so cute, all rusty and stuck in a bush!”

“Guys, I’m lost, WHAT DO!?!!?!?!?!?!?”

“You know you’ve reached high levels of intimacy in a relationship when your S/O isn’t afraid to pick your nose.  What is shamefulness. Also, I look so redneck here, it’s awesome.”

“Hey guys, am I a hot import model yet? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, I had to do this, even though I was sweating balls.”