Following through with things,

It feels real damn good to follow through with things.  I do feel more confident and feel like I have a stronger sense of integrity now that I keep my word and go through with the things I said I would go through with.

I have had issues in the past with saying “yes” to a lot of things I shouldn’t have said yes to.  I would often flake and run away from the things I said “yes” to because I would feel overwhelmed and intimidated by them.  I think that really affected the confidence I had in my self.  I think it made me take myself a lot less seriously and in turn made me flake out even more.

After Omega Vector I learned that the core issue I had was discipline and following through with the things I said I would do.

On the last day of Omega Vector I had made it my goal to meditate for at least 5 minutes everyday for 30 days.  It would be my way of regaining confidence in my words and my self along with instilling more discipline within myself.

Ah yes, it just feels so good once you know that you WILL do the things you say you will.  I know that may sound kind of odd to many of you but it’s such a liberating and feel good statement for myself.  Say goodbye to a life of unfinished business and broken promises. :)